how to eat a cupcake…

How To Eat A Cupcake, by Meg Donahue was an interesting June read. Regrettably it proved to be a difficult book for readers to get a hold of as the audio download wasn’t available and local libraries seemed to have no copy. 
Though it wasn’t the strongest book of the Summer book club selections, it was not a waste of time either. 
I found that, although the plot was often incredibly predictable, and the back and forth (between Julia’s perspective and Annie’s) was a bit off putting- that the books central theme was on that of all manners of relationship. Business, personal, familial, like- family, friendship, romance, past to present, ingredient relationships in recipes, the relationship between circumstantial rights and wrongs. So much relationship and, honestly, i LOVED that. 
I enjoyed the second half of the book a lot more than the first. I felt as though, the further the two girls moved, beyond their high school memories (each shallow, in their own way) the less shallow the book grew as well. One thing that really killed it for me were the handful of derogatory comments (such as the muffin top comment, for example) that really felt more like the book was merely a vehicle for the author to be catty than an actual perspective of the character. Had it not been for those instances (and there were only a small handful) I would have have probably liked it more. 
I found neither central character overly relate-able, but still each of them somehow endearing. 
The most honestly written section of the book, I felt, were the two times when Julia talked about the miscarriage and how she felt as a result. Having experienced several of them, I found this part of the story to be very strong and perhaps the only part of the book to engage me fully… 
Over all, it was a slightly above average book, {3.5 stars} and that is certainly NOT a bad thing. Anymore it’s seems impossible to find any books worth reading so I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Good job, Meg! 
And now I need a cupcake… 
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2 thoughts on “how to eat a cupcake…

  1. I know it doesn't surprise you that I haven't read the book yet. Honestly, I am still on the waiting list at the library (1 copy between 4 branches) and I didn't want to spend money on it until I heard what you thought about it. How's that for non-commital?

  2. So… did it tell you actually how to eat a cupcake? Cause I never really thought there was a good way to do it until I had a friend show me. You take off the bottom (the "stump," if you like), and put it on top of the icing. Then you kinda have a cupcake sandwich and the icing doesn't get all over your face! Of course my kids LIKE the icing to get all over their faces, but this way works for grown ups. :)

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