1998 called… Literally…

Last week the girls, (you’ll remember we were babysitting Lil’ C) and I went to a local park for an afternoon romp through the water. 
I took some super cute pictures, but they are still on my camera. Whatever, I digress… 
Imagine the aforementioned 13 year old and 6 year old splashing around and having a lovely little time when suddenly my life changed. 
I, being both a writer AND a lover of films and music, have often wondered what my life’s soundtrack would be- should I wake up one day to find it is just like in the movies… You know, with amazing and perfectly fitting back ground music. 
So, imagine my surprise when there I am, sitting on the shaded park bench reading my kindle when all of a sudden I hear the Backstreet Boys track “I want it that way” begin to play. Gracefully I scan the park to see who in the world could be so pathetic interesting to blare such a song, in a park. 
The thing was though, I could not find anyone. The music sounded so faint, yet there was no questioning it- BSB… 
Also being quite OCD, it began to drive me a bit crazy. I shifted my position and the volume increased. 
Wait a minute… 
And then I realized it was coming from my iPhone, sitting beside me. 
EXCEPT that it was my regular screen. 
And I do not have BSB on there. 
And then it stopped. 
Mysterious, right? 
It really was. So much so that I thought about it again on Thursday. And Friday. And over the weekend. 
But yesterday I wasn’t thinking of it at all when I popped my phone onto the dog and opened the Pandora app. When the app loaded and “I want it that way” began playing, (on my Kings of Leon playlist- of all things.) Mystery was solved… 
Sort of. 
I mean, relieving that a Ghost hadn’t been calling me with his special BSB ringtone, BUT then again- who turned Pandora on and off? hmmm. ;) 
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