There is this little joke about being friends with a writer. It comically addresses how one should be careful, as they might end of a character in a novel. 
Bwa ha ha, right??? 
I mean, we all know lots of interesting people and I would love to base some of mine as characters in some amazing novel. 
If there is any truth to that, then being friends with a blogger could be doubly risky…
Except for the fact that it’s ridiculously uncool to divulge really personal issues about someone, behind their back, on a blog. I don’t care of you take the attitude of supporting them, or not. If you must bad mouth someone, on your blog (because it is your blog and maybe the bad-mouthable content actually has something to do with you) at least change their name. Change the details. Be discreet. Show some tact. 
For goodness sake though, don’t ever (EVER, EVER, EVER) blog private/sensitive details about someone’s life, that does not involve you in any way, shape, or form. 
It is the most vile form of gossip. It’s hateful. It’s ugly. 
It’s wrong. 
I am honestly horrified that this sort of thing actually happens. 
I’ve heard stories, but only recently saw it. All I can say is that I threw up a little, in my mouth, and will never think of it’s author with any respect again. 
Let’s have some class, ya’ll… 
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