Summa, summa, summa-time…

Being on the cusp of summer time, it seems like a grand time to bring back the Rainy Day in May summer book club! {woo hoo, applause, yeah!!!!} 
If you were around last year, you probably remember that we had an EPIC summer reading. Each of the three selections (May-June, June-July and July-August) were very noteworthy and memorable because each of those three darn books were HORRIBLE. 
So yeah, this summer i did MUCH better research. 
Here’s how it works… 
On the last Monday of every month, I will announce a new book, and that Friday we’ll kick off reading it. 
Then, we read the book. 
we can discuss it, throughout the month, either here or on FB/Twitter, or via email. Or in person, if you have local friends reading with you. It’s pretty simple really. 
I usually do a post specifically about the book we read (and to discuss it) the third week of the month. 
On that note, here’s our May-June book: 
Rooftops of Tehran, by Mahbod Seraji
Here is the Amazon link, and what Goodreads readers are saying… 
So, please join us- I’d love to hear what YOU think! 
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