Girl’s got goals…

Roughly 2 (ish) years ago I made a blog plea about how I struggled with making two things really well, in the kitchen. Some of you may remember… These two things were grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese. Since such times I have become quite a master of both… 
Now, those of you who weren’t around then might laugh to yourself and wonder how in the world someone can screw those items up… 
Well, confession: I can NOT boil eggs worth crap. 
BUT, i could grill a sandwich and make homemade Mac N Cheese, BUT i wanted more than a basic recipe. I wanted extraordinary! I wanted salivation while remembering the dish… 
Mission accomplished… 
So, this time around I thought i’d put a plea out into the cyber world for recipes, aid, tips and wisdom again. 
Souffle. I want to make and master souffle. 
Biscuits. I am scared to death of home made biscuits. I want big, beautiful, fluffy ones. (no drop biscuits either.) 
Lemon Bars. I’ve made sticky ones, dark edged and soggy centered ones. Now I want GOOD ones. 
Lemon Curd. I LOVE Trader Joe’s curd but don’t have one so I guess I should attempt to master my own. 
Fried Chicken. I tried it once, some 18 years ago. It was traumatic. I don’t particularly love it but my family does and I figure the occasional fried chicken dinner won’t hurt anyone. 
Homemade pasta. ‘Nough said. 
Help a girl out? 
And I’ll keep ya’ll posted- but wish me luck- would ya? 
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