– Pedicure with my youngest.
– Read a couple of books, for me.
– Get a facial.
– Work on my happy book.
– the Dark Shadows opening day!
– Swimming/water.
– Cinco De Mayo family dinner.
– celebrate Chw’s birthday.
– our first camping trip of the summer.
– Drive in movies.
– plant flowers.
– Farmer’s markets.
– finish school {!!!!}

– writing. writing. writing.
– water front journaling.
– good, quality friend time.
– hugs and snuggles.
– be kind.
– be grateful.
– spread kindness and gratitude. 
– Gen’s 13 year old photos.
– Sew a valance.
– build (possibly) an outdoor pop up kitchen.
– a new photo series. 
– dinner table talking.
– new recipes and treats made with love.
– movies and popcorn on comfy sofas.
– jokes, laughter and board games.
– creative projects, together.

– drink water.
– be in water.
– walk.
– massage.
– skin care. 
– date night out.
– date nights in.
– talking and kissing.
– twilight walks, and holding hands. 

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