Oh Christmas Tree…

If you’ve been reading Rainy Day in May long, you know that I love to throw parties… i especially love Christmas parties. When one isn’t a practical solution, I at least opt for a good 1960’s style cocktail/dinner party. This year though, with all of the sickness and some family issues- Chez’ Wagner remains holiday party-less. 
Le Sad… 
The reality of this fully hit me when I realized that we would be decorating for essentially ourselves. Depressing, no? 
I mean, what’s the point? 
Which is sad, and shows where my priorities are when it comes to such things… 
So anyway, silly vanities and insecurities aside I decided to take the lemons of this particular holiday season and squeeze them into a nice rich glass of egg nog. In other words, as I blogger- i decided i’d share our decor {which plays out more on the minimal side of the spectrum} with you…
After my youngest grew out of the need for familiar ornaments upon the tree, we started getting a bit creative with how we adorn ours. Last year, at her request, we went a little crazy and bought a white artificial tree which we donned with pink and grey lovelies. This year we decided to make a black and white tree based on our year. We wrapped it in shimmering glass garlands, used black, white, grey and silver ornaments as a “back drop” for our focus ornaments- which were clear glass balls that we placed black and white photos of special 2011 moments… 

Over all, we’re pretty happy with how it turned out… 
My inner interior designer is super OCD and I have to make sure that the gifts beneath the tree match our tree so all of our papers, this year are black and white, or red. 
Besides our tree, there are only a few more things we adorn. I’ll post them tomorrow… 
Thanks for letting me share… :) 
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6 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree…

  1. oh, i love it! i'm such a sap, though. 26 and i still make my parents break out the sentimental ornaments.my mom is pretty OCD about her wrapping paper, too. she color-codes our gifts. since 1985, my presents are wrapped in green-themed paper, my sister's in red, and my brother's in blue. now that she's got two son-in-laws, my mom's had to branch out and include new colors.

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