It’s my right to choose…

This morning I logged on to facebook and saw more than one status update talking about how sad and alone that person was feeling. It made me sad… 
We are entering into the loneliest and most hopelessly felt season of the year. People are facing divorces, unemployment, ailing parents/grandparents/children, foreclosure, their own failing health and deployment of a spouse or child and countless other sadnesses. I hate to know when people I care about are aching or feeling empty. 
At the same time though, i logged on to comments on a silly facebook status that I had about my husband. Even though I’d been present for the 80+ comment conversation late last night, (as had Chw… it wasn’t anything behind his back.) the major coolness of it hadn’t really dawned on me until this morning. There we were, having this banter with friends from here in Idaho, a friend from Seattle, a friend from West Virginia and a friend from Germany. Even the biggest Facebook hater has to admit that is a pretty cool thing. 
So, this morning as my heart weighs in with sadness for some, it felt a little light and upbeat leftover from last night’s talk. And that’s really how it works, though standing in the core of the sadness- it’s kind of near to impossible to realize it. Those of us who’ve lost loved ones do find a way to live beyond it. People who lose jobs, do find them. People who are losing homes will be in that place only temporarily. I mean, while Chw and I are still FAR TOO jaded to consider buying a home- we have good friends from our old neighborhood who lost their home at the same exact time we did. They just closed on a great (HUGE) house… Sure, the other part sucked- but I think we have to remember that these hard times are but a season- as are the great ones. i think the most important thing is to remember we aren’t alone. There are people who care- and even if we look around and see no one- there’s ALWAYS Facebook. :) 
That’s my moral for the day. And great life circumstances or utterly crappy ones- today I am choosing to be happy. Happiness is a choice…
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6 thoughts on “It’s my right to choose…

  1. I really really love this post, Misty. You're right, Facebook enables old and new friends to stay connected all over the globe. It also gives people an outlet and a way to not feel so alone. It's a hard time of year, but if we stick together, we can weather the storm.

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