Tin… Ten… Rings…

It is a bit of a backwards world we live in when the honorable gift for ten years of busting one’s proverbial ass in a reconciled marriage, while also becoming parents (HARDEST JOB EVER!) and all through a craptastic economy too, is symbolized in tin and/or aluminum. 
Because, you know, what deserves a gigantic ball of wadded up Reynold’s wrap? That run on sentence, and NOT my marriage… 
That’s ok though. I mean, it is a completely acceptable gift for one naive 18 year old to give another naive 18 year old a ridiculously overpriced diamond, which they likely went into debt for… But ten year anniversary of your trip to hell and back? Tin-foil. Boo. Boo you, tradition. Boo you! {Think hag in the Princess Bride because THAT is what I was going for…}
My awesome husband took me to a super delish, fancy schmancy dinner and later closed the evening with an ultra romantic dessert of fondue at my all time favorite place with it’s super sexy lighting and ambiance. It was a great night. It was tin free. And Aluminum free. In fact, had our waiter attempted to bring us our leftovers in the shape of a foil crafted swan, I would have thrown it in his face and demanded Styrofoam because I respect my marriage that much… 
In our nearly eighteen years (total) of marriage though, we’ve never given ourselves gifts. It never felt a priority. Wait, this is not true. Back in 2007 when Chw and I were in the midst of the great Anniversary date debate– {meaning I believed we should celebrate our initial date and he wanted our reconciliation date- end result being never celebrating anything…} and he tried to woo me to his side with fancy gifts like roses and T & Co. jewelry… I played fair though, and gave him nothing and I won anyway. Well, technically we both won. In the manner of fairness, we chose that year to begin to celebrate on both dates… {only moderately embarrassed that it took us six years to get to that point.} 
Anyway, the whole entire, convoluted point of this post was to tell you that we replaced our wedding rings this year. I realize how wonderfully expensive that sounds, especially following the mention of my T & Co. necklace… Alas’, I LOVE our rings, and they were anything but expensive.

 “I am yours…”
“You & Me” 
{and on the inside, “Always”}
But they are unique, super cool, handmade and best of all- we can be certain no one’s life was lost in the making of said rings. :) I LOVE THEM!!!! 
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9 thoughts on “Tin… Ten… Rings…

  1. Ok, so I stuck around. :) We aren't sure about this either. Our original anniversary was December 30th…which has always been hard to celebrate because of the holidays. So we decided to celebrate our new anniversary in March…but a little part of me still wants to celebrate the original one. Thanks for helping me decide to celebrate both. And congrats on the new rings! I love them!

  2. Boo tin foil is right!! Even at one year, paper, you can properly celebrate with an iPad ;) By the way, I love your rings. I love symbols that mean something other than "I cost thousands of dollars look at me!!"

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