distract me…

Being the big Glee fan that I am, I have been waiting months to catch a peek at Ryan Murphy’s new show American Horror Story. I have read critic pieces on it, touting it as the anti-Glee and terrifying. Whatever. Though he may not always be the nicest guy, i think he is uber talented and I was excited to see what his new adventure was all about. 
Problem was, i decided to do that at 11:30 at night… 
It was pretty freaking scary and while I was feeling tired before, now i’m feeling a little like I could stay awake forever. I needed a distraction, of happy sorts. What better distraction than to blog? 
Genny didn’t have school yesterday or today, due to parent teacher conferences. We had our conference last night and it went really well. Yesterday morning however, hours and hours before said conference was schedule, Gen and I sat down to make our school holiday bucket lists. With the luxury of a four day weekend blankly beautiful and glistening ahead of us- I knew that it was going to take pro-active excitement to get us through it. 
Our list had things like baking pumpkin treats and cookies… 
It had things like manicures and pedicures… 
It had board game playing, library book reading and movie watching… 
It had wii game playing and chocolate eating and caramel apple cider drinking… 
It had Genny making dinner one night, a special family movie night- complete with special treats… 
That girl and I, we planned a fantastic four day weekend and we’ve knocked a lot of happiness and beautiful moments off of that bucket list. 
Of course, I had to get a little work done too. She was, in true Genny form, pretty awesome about that. So awesome, in fact, that while I was out doing a photo gig, she dressed up and decided to take advantage of the moment… 
She’s pretty lovely, eh? 
I think so… 
As much as I miss her during the day, now that she’s schooling mainstream- and as much as I worry about her and the things that happen at school- I have to admit I’ve loved this… I’ve loved the something special that comes along with days together. I’ve loved hearing how much she appreciates the more structured classes and knowing that it is truly because of me and the way that I educated her. The things I always got so frustrated with, and told her one day she’d love (while she screamed her doubts) are now the strengths she owns. {and she owns them well…} 
I have loved the laughing and the smiles and the sweet multitude of minutes that have filled our days. 
Sure, she’s 12. She’s rude sometimes. She’s mouthy sometimes. She is totally entitled and self centered most of the time. Then again, she’s 12, I can not expect much less. But, she is also open and shares with me about her life. She sings when she does her chores, and every other second… She is happy and she is whole and she is amazing and lovely… {and sometimes amazingly frustrating, but whatever…} 
In a nutshell: She’s the perfect distraction from the scary show… and to think, she kind of used to be the scary show… I’d say this is definite progress! 
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