welcome to the uncool table…

Does your life ever feel like it subscribes to a certain theme? Like suddenly you read a book that has something particular in it, and suddenly that same thing is playing on your television, and suddenly friends are calling or emailing you with the same topic in mind… 
I don’t know what i’m saying really, i just sometimes subscribe to the notion that my life umbrellas in under a certain theme, from time to time. 
Like now… 
Take Gen, for example. She’s happily implanted into the trenches of middle school. She loves school, she loves her days and she is (for the most part) doing really well… BUT, (because, you know, there’s always a “but”) there’s this girl. And this girl’s friends… And their little lame clique doesn’t exactly make life easy for Gen. It’s a frustration. A frustration that she’s handling really well considering she’s only twelve. {and considering her main confidant about the situation is me and I am stupid and have no idea what I am talking about so she knows not to listen to me, because you know- at 12 she knows everything…} 
So, on a particularly bad day of this, I had three different people text me and mention they were watching Mean Girls. On DVD no less, not cable. Weird, right? 
And then I found out that a friend of mine has been talking about me behind my back. I have a VERY surface friendship with this person even though I suspect she believes we are closer. I am very guarded with her for many, MANY reasons, but I was still surprised and hurt when I found out. 
And then there is the fact that I am completely obsessed with Bath and Body Work’s new tween hand sanitizers… 
AND I am all caught up with who is going to the Jr. High Halloween Dance with who… (because this actually changes daily, which is SO SURPRISING for middle school relationships. *Cough*) 
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