The post where I talk about boobs and drugs…

Over the weekend my amazing friend Maggie attended a celebration in honor of World Breastfeeding week. While I whole-heartedly support breast feeding, it was obviously not something I ever experienced. I was sad over that, for a little bit- and then got over my funk and went about my face routine and shower. When Genny finally woke up she was complaining of a swollen/sore throat. The poor girl has been put through the ringer, allergy wise, this season. 
I got her settled down and then went on the hunt for something medicinal to save the day. Coming across two remaining tablets of Mucinex, I immediately popped the first tab- all urgent like- only for the horse pill to shoot into my bra. {I should back up to explain though, that we keep our small supply of medicine in a tray, in our walk in closet. We are a last resort sort of family, so it’s conveniently out of the way…} So there I am balancing this tray in one hand and holding the box of Mucinex in the other, at the back of my closet. Without pausing to think about how I could leave the closet and set the tray down to fish out the pill, I instead maneuvered my body to hold the tray against the shelving, transfer the box to the other hand and begin searching blindly (due to tray) in my brazier for said pill.
And then I found it, and all at once three thoughts flooded my mind: 
– I can’t give this to her now that it was in my bra!
– of course I can, i just took a shower, and besides she needs two and that’s all we have. 
– Ha! and now I can say I have nursed her (the health) from my breast and be a cool mom too…

I should ask Maggie if it counts… which it totally does NOT, but still… 

This is an absolutely true story. Genny took the pill. I did think these things, (moderately ashamedly on the last one) and i did not change any details to avoid embarrassment. 
On a serious note: Kudos to you moms who were able to do the real thing! 
On an even more serious note: If you ever need an ibuprofin or something, from me, you might just open it yourself… It seems less risque… 
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One thought on “The post where I talk about boobs and drugs…

  1. LOL! Too funny :-) If I needed the Mucinex bad enough, I wouldn't care. I once begged ibuprofin off a little old lady on the streets of Philadelphia. She had a HUGE bag – I figured she was bound to have some. She did – she was like, "Do you want Aleve, Ibuprofin, Aspirin, or Tylenol?" as she held up four bottles. Ha!

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