Bouquets of newly sharpened pencils…

Complete sidenote, to kick things off, but I LOVE school supplies… It is what I may miss most about homeschooling… 
Getting back to the mind set of having a child in school, I am realizing there is quite a bit I am rusty on.
Like waking up at a reasonable hour, for one… oh, when will the struggle subside??? 
Anyway, I thought I’d post a cute little list (because we all KNOW how much I love lists…) of the things the four of us will need to successfully kick off the 11/12 school year… 
1} a bunch of reusable sandwich bags from Fig Tree Boutique… they are adorable. I am planning on grabbing a Superman one for Chw as well, as that man adores a good sandwich! 
2} I have already mentioned this once, so I’ll refrain from linking it again, but we NEED a good coffee pot. Still torn on which one, of the two, but it can’t arrive soon enough. 
3} this backpack, which Gen picked out and ordered herself. Both her dad and I were sure she’d go with something loud and “tweeny” but she picked this because it was (and to quote) fashionably appropriate. Ok then… Cute though, isn’t it?

4} Target carries my absolute favorite brand of notebooks and papers- Greenroom… LOVE them! I can not get enough of these notebooks… I bought an entire gaggle (i can say gaggle when it comes to paper, can’t i) and I am not about to share. They are mine… And I wouldn’t mind that yellow bag either- but that’s another post…

5} Definitely a few of these… for cocoas and teas, soups and so many other things. MUST HAVE!!!

 6} Locker decor. We’ve purchased shelves, a mirror (insert eye roll here), a lipgloss holder, a dry erase board and super cute magnetic polaroid frames. It’s been fun! Gen, the ever frugal (when it’s her money) drama queen plotted her $15 locker decor budget and is diagramming so that she can maximize her school locker interior design aspirations…

7} And lastly, when all of the pens, pencils, erasers and folders are put away in the backpack, eagerly anticipating the first day of school- the number one thing on my list (next to the coffee pot) is this baby:

While i don’t dry many of my clothes, Genny’s get dried. After hundreds of dollars in school uniforms though, and the incredibly freakish way in which she grows- I’ve decided that her uniform stuff is entering the world of hang drying…

SIDENOTE- while searching for a recommended list of “morning” music to get a family up and going- the number 7 recommended song was Sex Machine, by James Brown. Um, yeah. probably not, but thanks Random Internet List. I think I’ll stick to the Beatles and U2 list I am compiling in my head…

What songs get you going in the morning? (and NOT in the James Brown sort of way…)

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  1. Tell Gen that she did good picking out the back pack (Jenna would love it) – she was always a Billabong girl! Love, love, love the reusable sandwich bags – might have to pick one of those up for myself! Too cute.

  2. Love all the green things on your list! I started making our reusable sandwich bags and then my sewing machine broke! figures! You won my giveaway! Check your email – I just need your info so I can ship it out to you. :-)

  3. love that backpack, actually! it's very cute. i hope she doesn't want to swap it out for something louder. i was a total "navy blue messenger bag" girl…i listen to a lot of dancey music in the morning… is gaga too inappropriate? ;-)

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