Adventures in parenting…

Before we went on vacation, I asked Genny to go through her clothes and try on the things she hadn’t worn in awhile. On our way to California we would be visiting friends who have a daughter a size or two below Gen. It only made sense to take her whatever clothes we could pass along while there. 
After an hour or so, in her room she emerged with a few t-shirts, some shorts and maybe a nightgown. (I forget) The point is, there wasn’t more than a normal Target bag, half full of clothes. Taking her word for it, I went on packing us for our trip. We passed the clothing along, our our stop there, and everyone was happy. 
After we came home I had Genny go through all of her clothes to make room for her school uniform pieces and so I had an idea of what I needed to start looking for. This time I wanted to see them. On her. 
Would you believe that ninety percent of her clothes did not fit her? 
Shocking, really, the invisible growth spurt that California sunshine must have caused was amazing. A closet full of dresses, and only 2 remained. The other fourteen were unable to be zipped up at all, or showed her knickers without her bending over. Every single last pair of her jeans were unable to be zipped up… 
I divided them so that my niece could get some of the pieces she loves and boxed up the rest for our friend’s daughter who is now 8 hours away. 
Gosh, isn’t parenting fun???? :) 
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6 thoughts on “Adventures in parenting…

  1. My kiddos have a VERY hard time parting with anything. It's that darn deprivation trigger! It doesn't matter what it is…trash, tree limbs, too small clothes, broken toys, etc. They just can't get rid of them. It feels like a piece of themselves is being thrown away and/or that THEY TOO are trash and need to be disposed of. Very frustrating. Very sad.

  2. mine just so happens to be super lazy. she has a box she is able to keep older things that she can't bear to part with… :) it is pretty empty. she is generous and loves to pass things on- just lazy with the process…

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