I need help filling my jar…

My dear, lovely and amazingly creative Readers, 
I struggled to find a more clever way of titling this post… And then I thought to myself, eh- lets just put it bluntly… 
Back in March I went to this incredible sale of home decor and design proportions… I purchased a few wonderful pieces, for me, one of which is this beautiful oversized apothocary jar. I had no idea what I would do with it, but I didn’t care. (Mistake one.) 
Finally, (and I was quite proud of myself, to boot) I decided it should go in my bathroom. 
Where it has sat, for nearly 2 months.
And I need your help… What can I do with it? 
Here are a few shots of the bathroom itself, and the jar. (and please realize that yes, i do know this room is the ONLY room, in our house, not painted. The reason for this is that we actually can’t paint it- for explanations too long for this post…)

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14 thoughts on “I need help filling my jar…

  1. I think you need something dark…gray or black or a mix…can you dye epsom salt? Or something with color, maybe to match your candle on the toilet. I've always heard that you need to use a color in at least two places to make it balance? A couple of years ago I bought some dried beans a the grocery that were fairly cheap to decorate in the kitchen. Is that weird in the bathroom? I also like the terrarium idea. I've heard those do well in the bathroom.

  2. Dark I completely agree with… I have to point out though, to avoid confusion, that it isn't a candle on my toilet. it's an antique swan dish. It was my grandmother's. It houses powder. :)

  3. hmm. i had a huge jar like that in my bathroom growing up, and my mom always filled it with soap– even just the cheapo stuff from the grocery store looks good! if you want it to be dark, i wonder if they sell, like, man-soap at the grocery store. you know how all the boy scented stuff is always dark blue? i bet their soap is the same color!

  4. OK, I enlarged the toilet pic, put on my glasses, and now I see that it is indeed a swan dish. I think that especially since the swan dish and the jar are on the same wall (side of the room), you could go with something the same color as the dish. What about those sponge-y looking scrubber things they use on your feet at the pedicure place? Could you find some of those in the right color?

  5. Rocks in water. Water brings out the colors. We use this approach to enjoy the small, interesting rocks we collect on trips (the large rocks wind up outside in the garden).

  6. how about some rough rocks in the bottom with some tall cinnamon sticks with a few very real looking fake orchids (or other flower)

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