La Vie En rose…

If I were to pick my favorite meal of the day, I would choose brunch. 
In fact, brunch sort of umbrellas a lot of things: 
– favorite thing for my husband to make. 
– favorite date. 
– favorite thing to make, in the kitchen, with my husband. 
– favorite _______…
– favorite …. 
A few weeks ago my husband and I had the rare opportunity to venture out and try a local brunch place, just the two of us. {That alone was divine…}
We opted for a French-American place in the lower level of the hotel we honeymooned in some seventeen years ago. 
I had their incredible classic french toast and the BEST Chai latte I’ve ever had… 
Chw had biscuits and gravy (eh…) and the most delectable hash browns on the entire planet. 
Over all, MAJOR brunch success… 
So much so, that I had to share just a couple of shots. Please forgive the fact that i was so enamored with the one on one brunch time with my husband that I forgot to shap photos of the food… 

What is your favorite date thing to do? 
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13 thoughts on “La Vie En rose…

  1. Cute blog! Today is our 20 year anniversary & I'm looking forward to a date night this weekend to celebrate! Dinner at our favorite little place and then a movie. Seems like a cliche but we haven't been on a date night in way too long! :)

  2. Yes, I used to like brunch too – I say used to because I now have a young child, so lie-ins are a thing of the past, at least for the time being.Hopefully soon the little un will be off to his grandparents for an overnight stay and I can have brunch again.

  3. I can't honestly say that I have a 'favorite date'. Anywhere/time my hubby and I can get away alone is wonderful. We love being together and even if it's just a few minutes alone in another room of the house…that works for me. Problem is, my children are attracted to the thought of my hubby and I being anywhere alone, so they are usually shortly behind….LOL

  4. I like to go on camping/fishing trips with hubby. When we are at home, we tend to "do our own things, him watching tv on his computer and me doing this. Working on my post or surfing other blogs. No time spent "together". If we do get together, it's bickering. When we go on THESE types of trips, it's relaxed, peaceful and quiet. NO bickering. Camping/fishing is the one area which we both enjoy. Otherwise our taste is entirely different. YES! We're fixing to go on one to Arkansas! I can't wait!

  5. I agree, having an alone time with your husband is so important. Looking forward to mine, I haven't had one in a very long time. Hope you have an awesome one! I'm here from Blog Frog.Alexandra

  6. That is a beautiful place!! I love brunching too – we honey-mooned in Maui & I think the best brunch in the world was eating lobster omelettes & crab legs while watching hula dancers. Ahhh… I love your blog! Found you on Blog Frog :)

  7. *any* dates are wonderful– we're on the broke side right now, and generally opt to stay home and cook. but it's such a treat leaving the house– i think brunch is my favorite, too! i'm not a nighttime girl.

  8. Billy and I do a lot of coffee dates. We have a $10 mug that gets us 75 cent refills, so the total cost usually is around $4. We still have babysitting to take care of, but a friend of mine and I will often swap babysitting. On those months, I add in a cheese danish or something sweet like that. sigh… I miss alone time with Billy.

  9. Well I love Brunch and am now so hungry for french toast – my most favorite thing.I don't know we have a favorite date – it is always so limited with three young children.One of our annual dates (I know that sounds so sad!)is our dinner date and christmas shopping for the kids – we have so much fun!

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