Grab a cookie, sit back and watch the show…

Last weekend Chw turned 37… 
While he was busy having an emotional breakdown, over his aging, we planned a little something quiet that might make him feel a little bit better. Unfortunately I forgot the camera existed at all when it came to photos of the handful of friends involved, or of our kids. 
Or us. 
Or even him, the birthday boy himself… 
Oh well. 
At any rate we grilled Turkey burgers and had chips. (I’m the vegetarian, he’s the meat and chip lover… I let it slide, for him…) 
Aubree and Gen baked him those oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies found EVERYWHERE on the internet. General consensus was that they are far too rich to eat more than one (or all of one). For Chw though, who possibly loves cookies and milk more than he loves his wife {just kidding…} it was perfect… 

 See… Milk. Yum… helps with the richness, some…

 And bottled Mexican coke. Which is just awesome. Double YUM! (yes, he loves this too.)

Happy Birthday, husband! 
After the eating of our meaty, followed by rich confections we ventured to the cinema to see Thor. Genny, happy to tag along, decided to make it her next Gem episode… 
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3 thoughts on “Grab a cookie, sit back and watch the show…

  1. I've had those cookies in mind for a few weeks now. You may have just managed to stop me from making them, so THANK YOU! I don't like sweets that are "too much."And Genny? FREAKIN' ADORABLE.

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