Why yes, it IS that time again… Almost…

Some of you might remember that we had a humble little book club last summer that was SO much fun… Well, it’s getting to be time to launch the book club again! 
I am so happy it’s today!
No, seriously… Today is a wonderful day. 
Not only is it a new week… 
It is the day that I kick off the second annual Rainy Day in May summer book club! 
Last year’s was so fantastic! We had just under 30 participants, last summer, through this blog, twitter and facebook. Lots of fun!
In case you weren’t around last summer, or you’ve forgotten, here’s how it works: 
– On the 3rd Monday of each summer month, {May, June, July, August} I will post that month’s summer title. 
– On the Friday BEFORE “announcement Monday” I will put a post up about the book, and we can discuss. {Of course, last summer many discussion happened, in many formats, between those dates- and that is absolutely fine.} 
That’s it… One book per month (easy commitment) with the benefit of connecting with other’s who are also reading it… Couldn’t ask for a better summer goal! 
{Don’t panic though, as simple as it may be, I’ll repost this info with each of the four announcements.}
I really hope you’ll consider joining us. I personally got to know a few of my readers more personally, through the book club, and am so proud to call them friends still today! 
So, be sure to tune in next Monday for May’s announcement and- in the mean time- spread the word! 

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7 thoughts on “Why yes, it IS that time again… Almost…

  1. Hey there! I saw your comment about the 5:30 club. I'm mountain time, too. I get up every day (almost) at 5:30, if you want a buddy. This book club sounds fun!

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