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Dear Chw,  
I could address this letter so many different ways… 
Happy Birthday, Baby… 
To the Man of my Dreams… 
Hello Sexy Lover… 
But really, they would all head in the same direction so I thought to myself, why not keep it simple? 
Day by day, year by year I am continually amazed by you. Just when I think that you have reached the epitome of everything I could ever want or appreciate in a man- you go and push the limits even farther. It would take me years to write out everything I adore about you and all of the ways that you raise the bar as a father, husband and friend… 
Thank you, for loving me. For choosing me. For loving our kids as much as you do. For working so hard, for being so brave. For being you… 
Happy birthday, my husband. I love you so much… 
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One thought on “Thirty-Six…

  1. What a very sweet letter!

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