The post in which I confess today’s loves…

A hard rain.
The new Panic! At the Disco album. 
International phone calls. 
Blueberry coffee cake for breakfast. 
Parenthood being back on. 
Planning a trip to visit my beautiful friend.
Snuggling with Chw. 
My new summer nightgown. 
Being completely caught up on laundry after NOT doing any for two weeks. 
Grilled flatbread pizzas. 
Thunder. (we haven’t had any, but with all this rain my hope remains steadfast)
Amanda and Genny’s relationship. It does my heart good… 
Anticipation of up and coming movies to be theatrically released. 
Russel Brand. 
That the days are numbered until the patio furniture comes out of storage. 
Being surrounded by fashion sketches. (thanks, Gen!)
Birthday parties. 
Things I am particularly less fond of, these days, however are- 
No Sunshine. 
My inability to breathe clearly. 
Allergies, in general. 
Beef and poultry. 
What are you loving lately? 
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4 thoughts on “The post in which I confess today’s loves…

  1. Ahhh, Misty. I adore you. I love a hard rain too. I love being outside looking at the drops dripping down the window – great photo op.And (shhhhh, my secret) I love thunder, because it makes my brave guard dog shudder and fly to my lap for a cuddle. Thank you thunder for those moments.I have a big cheesy grin on my face!

  2. I'm loving the sunshine today after cloudy, windy and generally icky weather yesterday!Oh – and I'm going shopping for a baby shower gift…. fun!

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