Pink Paper Packages Tied Up With String…


Today’s Monday morning gloominess was brightened significantly when the mail lady knocked on my door! My package from Mamarazzi’s Favorite Things Swap at Dandelion Wishes came! It was eerily fantastic! 
My swap partner was Rebecca, and not only does she put together an awesome swap package, but she’s got SUPER fabulous taste… 
And I can totally say that because we pretty much have the same taste… 
Even down to the colors we chose to wrap our favorite things in. It was a little spooky… 
EXCEPT, not really, because I’ve been getting to know her through her blog and she’s really pretty awesome, so it was actually way cool… 
Anyway, I’m rambling like a little girl so let me just share: 

 1} hand gel, shout wipes and wisp brushes… 

 2} Constant Comment tea- which i LOVE!!!!
 3}This was Phase 10, which is one of my FAVORITE games… but the picture vanished! :( 

 4} Notecards… which anyone who knows me knows i LOVE and obsess over…
5} MASCARA!!!! :) :) :) 

 6} I {heart} Burt’s Bees so much! 

 7} Pens! We all know paper is my number 1 love, what better accompaniment than cool pens?!?!?!

 8} Can you read her note? It says “Always have to have one of these around…” And to her I say, “AMEN, Becca!!!!” (their may, or may not have also been a notebook in her box… paper. I just really love paper!) 

 9} I have actually never had these… I am kind of a creature of habit so this was a pretty exciting thing. Genny said “Ah ha! now you HAVE to try them!” 

 10} One of my favorite pass times too… And I’ve never read it. Yay! 

11} Hurrah! I love People and i never buy it, but I always glance at it in the super market and it tempts me. 
Thanks, Becca, SO MUCH! You are so fantastically wonderful, so kinds, sweet and encouraging with your words and your sweet note! Already I appreciated it, but your wonderful package made me even more so! 
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13 thoughts on “Pink Paper Packages Tied Up With String…

  1. I love the wrapping paper! What? You don't read People? OMG. Maybe I'm just a little too obsessed with Hollywood. I love paper too! And mascara!Great stuff! Now I'm off to see what you sent her!

  2. Stomping up and down!!!I want to do one of these boxes Myst ….!!! I LOVE THIS!!!And I would have enclosed the Wisps in my box too (for you) because these are always in my pocketbook!!!

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