Coming to you, from this EXACT location…

Since I’m showing you a couple of recent projects, along with a peek into our home, I thought I’d show you the room where we pretty much live- next… 
We don’t even know what to call it… It’s just become upstairs… 
Possibly because it’s the only room we have, on our second floor. Even more so though, I think because it has no real name. It’s sort of everything. 
Lucas is home, he bunks upstairs with ESPN keeping him company. 
In the evenings, after Gen’s in bed, Chw and I snuggle upstairs to watch movies, catch up on the tivo or play the wii. 
In the daytime Gen and I are upstairs doing school. 
When I write, whenever that may be- it is my fortress of creativity. 
On the days/evenings Chw works from home- it’s where he is. 
Most days, when I do my quiet time, I am here… 
It is our everything room… Our family room, our school room, our work office, home office, library and so much more… 
 We just redid this chair because we needed one upstairs. 
I am IN LOVE with it… 

 {yes, I realize the BRIGHT green ball doesn’t really accomodate my crafted black, white and harvest yellow room… but it’s so darn addictive to use… and it has no home- just floats around.}

 I seriously love this room… And really, the pictures make me kind of cringe. It’s WAYYY better in person! 
Except for this dusty little corner… 

 But, it’s his little world… he loves his corner, and it’s pretty cool on evenings when we are both working because our desks L each other and we get to be there together… 
Lastly, (which was finished AFTER I did these pictures) He refinished a sister chair (matches the one in the beginning of the post- except without arms) for my desk. It’s a bright, school bus yellow (to match everything else) and absolutely cushy heaven for sitting at my desk. I LOVE it! 
In fact, it isn’t even my husband at all, who is responsible for these beautiful chairs adorning my family’s creative space… It is my incredibly gorgeous friend who gifted us with such beautiful pieces!  
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3 thoughts on “Coming to you, from this EXACT location…

  1. Hi there! Just popping over to visit your blog – I am your favorite things swap partner!! Can't wait to get to know you better!~Becca

  2. Wow you have changed it since I was there last. I love how the chairs turned out. Very chic!Ironicly my word verification is: weetive. Is the wee tv still upstairs?

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