A hardened life of crime…

There is nothing worse than that feeling that follows after you’ve been victimized. I remember the first time my car was broken into, I felt just sick over it… Over the years we’ve had bike’s stolen, a car stereo stolen, money, etc- and that same feeling just comes and weighs heavy, lingering for days…

It’s awful…

A week ago, today, I was robbed…

All melodrama aside, I wasn’t left with any feeling other than eye rolling and annoyance.

Genny stole my iPod.

Her plan had been, from what I gather, to take it to youth group and loan to a friend. I believe her goal had also been to impress middle school boy, (you must remember him, from this post)…


Her evil father thwarted said plain, and her mission was abandoned- justifiably being replaced with her first stern grounding ever. See, she’s been grounded before, and we’ve forgotten, wanted to do something that her grounding could interfere with, or felt guilty over denying her childhood privileges  decided together to let her off early due to good behavior. Or, well, perhaps the promise of good behavior… Ok, fine- the dream of it…

But not this time. This time she just lost. Lost out on birthday parties, a sleep over, friend’s recitals, trips to the movies and mall… It’s been ugly. She’s yet to really learn anything from this grounding, other than the very obvious facts that we are stupid, mean and hate her…

but I am hopeful this won’t always be the case- and I’m thinking that I might even be able to prove my case.

Evidence #1} Genny has always been quick to steal things like gum, candy, etc. Punishment has ALWAYS been a grounding (or other non-committal consequence) to the tune of what I’ve already described…

Thus creating:

Evidence #2} the entitlement, in Genny, to take MY iPod and loan it out, lie about and otherwise believe there is nothing wrong with these actions…

I mean, surely something good will come of this, right???

(because, 1 week into this and I am starting to question which one of us is grounded- thus probably explaining why this plan never really worked out before… ) 

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6 thoughts on “A hardened life of crime…

  1. Annikke says:

    I have to say, that is one problem with grounding is that it really punishes US as well – we are, in fact, grounded too. *sigh*Stick with it as hard as it is.My sister's 10 year old last summer went to a house down the street that was being foreclosed and no one was living in it at the time… he and his friend busted out windows in the garage and also broke a car window of an abandoned car on the street. SO she grounded him for the whole summer. She said it was AWFUL on her!!!! we have had to do some grounding too… but with my 10 year old he seems to enjoy it. It's like he feels like he gets mom and dad all to himself because his brother and sister go outside to play…. so THAT doesn't work on him!

  2. Katie says:

    All I can say is make it a memorable grounding. If she wants to take things from you, you will have to take things from her in order to make it really stick. You might consider her big party…I know. Way worse for you. But, ya gotta do the hard stuff sometimes.Good luck with this one.

  3. Misty says:

    Nikke, Exactly. There have been several really cool, or fun things we were supposed to do with friends that we had to bail on. It stinks!

  4. Misty says:

    KL- Thankfully her grounding ends before then. But yeah, she has lost. A lot. this grounding has had steep prices… The ONLY exception allowed was going to Fiddler on the Roof because the tickets had been bought for us, as a gift.

  5. Brenna Forrey says:

    I feel your pain. My boy is only turning 4 next month, but there was nothing else he responded to. Though it wasn't exactly a grounding; it was more a "you can choose to continue being an unmanageable terror, but if you do I will not make anyone else have to put up with you." But it had the same effect. It was not something I took lightly, either, because I knew it would only amp up his bad behavior for a while and I'd be stuck with him, 24/7. I was just that desperate for something to work.And it finally did, after a little over a month . . . I claim it as his first near-death experience, because I'm pretty sure some of those days were worse than being in hell. I don't think he would have survived if it hadn't been for God . . .

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