He’s still my leading man…

Last night while I was cruising around town with my man, I had the panicked realization that this would be the last weekend to shower my family with love. How horrible is that? In all actuality, it’s merely the last weekend of the challenge… hmm… at any rate, it’s also Oscar weekend and, as we know- that’s a pretty stinkin’ big deal in my world of shallow movie obsessions. 
Case in point, my girl friend is coming up to take care of some business, from California. When she shared her weekend travel plans with me, my first thought was What?!?!? you leave home on Oscar weekend??? I am ashamed of what you must thing of me now… 
Genny was hanging out with some friends, which spurred my cruising around town date. It had originally been a date to (finally) see the Fighter, but show times weren’t lining up. It then morphed into a bowling date- but the wait time at the lanes cramped our style and we ended up grabbing a quick dinner and perusing the aisles of Le’ Target Boutique… 
Ooh La La, tres’ glamour… 
The highlight was, most definitely, convincing Chw to try on this leprechaun novelty hat/beard thing. I laughed until tears flooded my face, it was so fantastic. He, however, became doubled over in laughter (influenced completely from my hysterics) and removed the ensemble. I did convince him to try it on one more time for a photo op with his iPhone.  He was opposed to me taking a photo, for fear of me broadcasting it to the entire world- but at least a photo (for now) exists… 
Since he wouldn’t give me blog photo fodder to share, alas’ I am forced to interrupt these last challenge days to share with you a few hopes and predictions…

Lead Actor: Colin Firth (of course…)
Lead Actress: Natalie Portman
Supporting Actor: Christian Bale (he’s the one who looks like Jesus… At least last we saw, and acts like Satan.) 
Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo
Animated: Toy Story 3
Director: David Fincher, Social Network
Editing: 127 Hours
Foreign Language: Biutiful (this is more what i Want, not what I think will win…)
Screenplay, adapted: 127 Hours
Screenplay, original: the King’s Speech
Film: 127 hours (personally, the BEST film, of the 10, that I saw… I would also be thrilled if The King’s Speech won… If Social Network wins I will scream. This is a brilliant film, but nothing in comparison…)

Just watch… Social Network will win.

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8 thoughts on “He’s still my leading man…

  1. It was really good, the first time… In that "wow, this was different!" kind of way. When it was nominated for everything I stood gawking, confused. Rewatched it and am still shocked it's ranked up there with the others!

  2. Okay so no I am going to take your score card and see how you did. LOLI will be watching the red carpet for sure – after that I may tune in just to see how cracy Jay and Annie behave as hosts. (Yeah, we are on a nickname basis – that's how I roll. lol)

  3. Heather, I totally understand. Since Colin and I met, we are pretty tight, so I get it. I've met Anne too… She's really sweet. :) But we aren't as close! ;)

  4. You are forgiven for the love interruption, LOL.We watched the Social Network yesterday and I must the film is very nice. The cast was perfect. Justin is good actor too. I've both of his two films and he act superbly :).I am sad Inception is not in the list above, because I love Leo and the film was perfect in the effects.Colin and Natalie will definitely win. I will go and watch the two movies after the awards.

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