Here’s to fresh…

We had the unique sort of pleasure of wrapping up 2010 in a truly fabulous way… We completed a few small goals we had, paid off two crippling bills and paid the final payment on my car.

Yep. It was pretty much awesome.
Then we got to hang out with super cool people, some new to us and some not, which made it even better…
I am so grateful for last year…
– for the beautiful niece we were blessed with.
– for so much time with our kids.
– for a glorious family vacation to the coast.
– for so much quality time with amazing friends.
– for our safe and enjoyable trip through the Grand Canyon and to NM for Thanksmas…
– for my mom being here, over the summer.
– That Genny and I were not injured worse than we were, in our car accident.
– for getting more into paper crafting. It’s been fun and I do love my craft club.
– for amazing concerts. {Specifically, 30 Seconds to Mars and Dave Matthews}
– for new friends.
– for birthdays and parties and a glorious string of celebrations.
– for good health.
Perhaps it’s naive optimism, but I am really excited about 2011…
– Gen turns 12.
– We get to celebrate Lucas’ graduation from AIT, in the Army.
– Chw and I get to celebrate our seventeenth anniversary.
– Amanda turns 21.
– an exciting family vacation.
– reconnecting with friends.
– a trip to see my ultra dear friend Angie, hopefully…
– paying off medical bills.
– having healthy hair again. {it WILL happen}
– finding a church to settle in, where we can grow.
Wicked coming to Boise, this spring. I love that show!
– celebrating our family anniversary!
I have a pretty small list of personal goals for the year…
– try Prescatarianism for 3 months (until the end of March) to see if it’s a lifestyle our family (or even just I) could maintain.
– attend a writer’s conference.
– query for an agent/publisher. (scary…)
– complete my family tattoo.
– stop drinking fountain soda every day… (specifically, Sonic fountain soda)
– learn something completely new to me.
– write daily.
– cook more.
– complain less.
– dance often.
– swim whenever I have the chance.
What about you? What are your goals? What things are you looking forward to?

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*image courtesy of Jana Liebenstein

2 thoughts on “Here’s to fresh…

  1. sigh… I have been putting off the whole "evaluate my last year, and look toward the next" thing. Just seems so overwhelming.But you have some awesome things to celebrate, and some great things to look forward to, as well.

  2. Happy New Year, sweetie!For me it's pretty simple. All I want is to continue a strong meditation and yoga practice, take lots of pictures, hike a couple of trails and save for a plan an overseas holiday for my family.Loved, LOVED you list (and that lime), it was perfect.PS. And if anybody can write, it's you. Lots of positive vibes coming your way for that venture!

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