Happy sighs…

This is the first year where I didn’t sit back and feel like I was robbed of some special Christmas moment. Typically, like a whirlwind the holiday happens and then I sit back, dizzy, wondering when it did… This year though, Christmas seemed to blanket weeks. Not the day, of course, but the spirit… The day, actually, came like more of a restful after thought.
Actually, I think I kinda liked it this way…
We had Christmas with my mom and that side of my family in November when we were in New Mexico. It made the most sense to do a Thanksmas there, in person. A couple of weeks later we followed that with a Christmas dinner and gift exchange with my foster sister and her family, here at home. When Christmas parties and cookie swaps trailed close behind, we were swept up in cups of cocoa, candy canes and Christmas movies. {Thanks, Hallmark!}
Honestly, I loved every second of this Christmas season. I loved, as we all know, the giving of gifts. {Not so much a fan of opening them.} I loved the dinners. {Loathe the baking, *sigh*} Enjoyed the shopping. {Could have done without the parking.} Chw and i kept it simple. I gave him Jeff Dunham tickets and he bought me a 90 minute massage and a 60 minute facial for the Monday before Christmas. It was, by far, the best way to kick off a usually stress filled week!
The best moment, I’d have to say, was locking the doors and turning out the lights when all three of my kids were home and asleep. I love that. Chw too… Whenever they are all here, (those days are less and less) he will sigh contentedly and tell me he is at his happiest. Me too, husband
The best gifts I have ever been given, are right here…

And they aren’t actually mine. Not a one of them, but I will hold them close and claim them anyway because they are my everything…

i hope your Christmas was filled with beauty and blessings… Happy Twenty-Eleven! May it be filled with even more beauty and oh-so-much love…

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