These are a few of…

my new favorite things…
You see, my stocking swap package came, on Saturday. While i was busy saucing berries and roasting a turkey and a ham, my mail lady came do the door- package in hand.
I have loved EVERY SECOND of filling the stocking I’m sending. I do not have enough faith in my crafty abilities to make it’s contents, but have spent weeks selecting the most fitting little things. It had possibly been the highlight of my Christmas shopping… But then emails have been coming in, as women are receiving theirs. Many tears over gratitude and how loved and blessed these simple stockings made them feel. My heart began to feel more and more full as I heard about these gifts and how blessings were spewing out all over the place. It has been AWESOME! So awesome that my mind is reeling with possibilities for future swaps.
Anyway, back to my stocking… I LOVE it. SO MUCH… My swapper, (not sure if she would want me to link to her blog or not) is a gem. Not only does she have THE COOLEST stationary on the planet (please tell me where you got it???) but she is the craftiest, most clever girl I may know. With every item being unearthed I felt my spirit confirm that I have been blessed by a new friend.

This is my adorable stocking. I LOVE it, SO much!
{How cute is that sweet little bird??? And the
fur around the top is so soft…}

I have been seeing these little book page projects all over
the internet. I have thousands of pages in my craft stuff from a
book gutting project last year and I’ve been tempted to do something
like this, but would never have done as good a job! She’s so talented!
Isn’t it beautiful?

I go weak in the knees for old books. This one though, is my new favorite!

Yes that does say Standard Handbook for Secretaries, and let me tell you,
this book is FANTASTIC! So much so that I kind of forgot about my cranberry
sauce, which boiled over and made a big mess, because my nose was in this
wonderfully old book…

This adorable little framed Christmas decor melted my heart.
Christmas is a tough time, due to RAD, around our house. It used
to be my FAVORITE time of year, but the season is so hard that I’ve
developed a bitter taste for it. This frame magically restored something
for me… (and she even monogrammed it with my initials! So sweet!)

Adorable sachets of bath salts… SO cute!

Amazing loose leaf tea… heaven.

and my new love: ruffled scarves. It’s a new thing and I’ll have to go
back and look but I didn’t thought I put that in the questionnaire. And yet, here in this box
was this ADORABLE ruffled scarf. Even Chw, who cares little for such things,
thought it was pretty cool… We have our dress up Christmas family date this
friday and I am TOTALLY wearing this scarf!

And finally, these adorable trees! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!
They are also made of old book pages, {Swoon… words. i heart words}
I think I should fly her here for a workshop. I need to learn.
And, of course, since we were having Christmas dinner, that evening,
we immediately placed them at the center of our table and they were
the talk of the table.

And here is where I ended up hanging my super sweet book-page
wreath. My ten year old niece was awed by how cool it was. {She’s a smart girl}

Such an amazing experience! Thank you, my AMAZING stocking filler! Thanks to the girls who swapped…

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5 thoughts on “These are a few of…

  1. I've been having so much fun working on the stuff for my gal! I can't wait for her to see it all!!! Looks like YOU made out like a bandit dear girl – and BOY did she have your number! That's so awesome! Great idea you two! Very Merry Christmas, Sami Jo

  2. What a joy to read your post! Sorry it's taken me so long to get over here to see it, I've still been fighting pnuemonia, and I think I may have finally kicked it's rear! I loved being able to craft and sew for you and would gladly have spent hours and hours filling a ginourmous box for you if I had had the time! I noticed one thing missing from the post though… There was a little cardboard piece about the size of a bookmark that was housing an adorable black and white photo strip~ did you find it in there? Thank you so much for blessing me with the opportuntiy to do for a mom who works as hard as I do!

  3. BTW, the 'stationary" is a pge torn out of a really cool old ledger book I bought at an estate sale for a DOLLAR! I about peed myself when I found THREE of them! I'll send pics if I can find your email! I thought about sending you one of the ledgers, but, ummmm, I love them too much. I know it's selfish, but they bring me so much joy! I'll keep my eyes open and see if I can find you one all your own!

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