Wait… what’s the question again?

You know those moments when someone surprises you with a question and the answer sits there, on the brink of your brain, (or as some say: The tip of your tongue) but you just can’t think of it… And it drives you crazy, until you remember or stumble upon the answer?

Well, welcome to my life these days- hi- I’m Crazy…

This is how I feel, all of the time.

It isn’t that I am more forgetful than usual, it’s that I feel like I am on the verge of changing or falling into this really huge thing- but I can’t quite figure out what it is. Sometimes a completely normal event will occur and this little internal conscience voice will whisper remember this, you’ll need to know this. As the economy worsens, my husband keeps talking about options for plans. Some are pipe dreams and some could be possible, if the leap wasn’t so freakin’ frightening… But, everytime the conversation comes around, I get all jittery and I have this “I had the perfect response! Shoot, I lost it…” feeling. Everytime.

When I blogged about Forks, last week- this is where I came from. I was so in awe (and still am) about how this entire community of people pulled together to better the lives and quality of their town, in such awkward circumstances. (like crazed fans, vampire hunters and the likes, all descending upon their tiny town by the thousands…) The entire time I was there, snapping photos and talking to the townfolk, I kept thinking “this is it. This is it. The answer to everything…”

I guess I just don’t quite know what the question is.

Last night my friend invited me to a local “free movie for mom” event at a theater in Boise. In lieu of ticket prices they asked you to bring a package of diapers if you could, and then they passed out baby bottles- asking you to take the bottles home and use it to collect spare change for a local crisis pregnancy center. What struck me about this was that it was so practical. Even in a trying economy, spare change can be a feesable way to give. And again, the impression that this was somehow the answer i needed, weighed heavily upon me…

Maybe if I sit here and ponder it long enough, the answer really will come to me. I just hope the moment hasn’t then passed me by.

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8 thoughts on “Wait… what’s the question again?

  1. Great post! I love the idea of spare change -we do it often at camps and for the crisis pregnancy center here too. At camp, we call it “Spange” and it just sounds more fun and do-able, doesn’t it?Hope your answer comes to you, whatever it is.

  2. Maybe the question is as simple as “what would the world be like if we all put aside our differences and started working for the common good of all human beings?”I’m thinking about moving to Forks… vampires or not… lol.

  3. This is why I love reading your blog. Your posts are always so thought-provoking and real. That baby bottle/ free movie idea is fantastic. I wish more establishments would do things like that.I’m a little behind on my blog reading/commenting so I’m off to check out the Forks post now!! Can’t wait!!

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