Today I have…

– made homemade granola.

– made homemade granola bars.

– made homemade yogurt.

– talked to my mom, on her first day home since the extended hospitalization and therapy rehab.

– ground three pounds of nuts.

– gotten the garden ready to start.

– Gen’s language arts and writing.

– Our fractions lesson.

– finalize paint colors.

– Facebook. (Wait… does that even count under the guise of productivity?)

– cleaned the kitchen. *

– finish bagging up Gen’s clothes, to exchange. *

– Wii fit workout. *

– make fruit bars. *

– slice and freeze strawberries. *

– return phone calls and arrange a few meetings. *

– make a call about the clothing exchange. *

(* means I did it after posting this.)

But it’s already 11:30 and I still have to:

– wash and hang out the living room throws.

– clean up the living room.

– pack away Gen’s winter clothes.

– laundry.

– put together the summer toy bucket/tub.

– air up basketballs.

– make shortcakes.

For dinner:

– ham

– cheesy potatoes

– broiled lemon asparagus (Gen’s favorite)

– strawberry shortcake

Things I haven’t done:

– upload photos and recipes on the home website. (this is because our computer, not laptop, is ill.)

– print off curriculum stored on same, sick and sad computer.

– anything needing to be done on that computer. *sigh*

– get dressed. :(

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11 thoughts on “Today I have…

  1. raino says:

    i see that the ‘have done’ list is longer than the ‘still need to do’ list. that’s good. enjoy those cheesy potatoes – they sound yummy!

  2. Fraulein says:

    I have very few days in which I can say I “made homemade…” anything!And I second the call for the cheesy potato recipe. Also photos from that wedding vow renewal service of yours! Can’t wait to see them!

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