More girliness ensues…

Apparently some people are waiting on photos of my hair cut… Well…
You might have to keep waiting.
I have photos from day 1 and I think I will post them later but darn it, I don’t know. The problem is, I’d just run out of my moisturizer and my face looks HORRIBLE. No amount of photo editing on the planet could rectify that massacre.
Then, one day it was SO cute curly… And then the rains, and the clouds came and it’s been so NOT CUTE AND FRIZZY ever since.

Oh the woes and heartaches of being a girl…

In light of my recent bout of girliness, I it seemed an appropriate time to review this truly charming book that Harper Collins mailed me, entitled The Dress Doctor.

First of all, isn’t that cover just the chicest of things? I would have marched across the floor of a book store if it had caught my eye from across the room… Despite it’s cover being glamorous and chic though, the inside is truly the heart of this fabulous book.

The Dress Doctor is, as stated crisply on the cover, an adaptation of the best seller by Edith Head, who is an eight time academy award winner for costume design. So, pretty much what they are trying to tell us is- if anyone knows and understands Hollywood glamor and style, Edith would be our girl…

Easy to read, inspiring, simple and yet glamorous, The Dress Doctor lives up to it’s promise of “Prescriptions for Style, From A To Z”. Alphabetically, the books sharp and vintage inspired illustrations take us stylishly through the alphabet. For example, A touches on who else but the most classic of all Hollywood Icons- Audrey Hepburn. In a short paragraph it touches on Audrey and her style before quickly moving on to Amusement Parks and from there to Baseball. Easily digestable, this book inspirationally stirs a girl’s creative juices as well as her desire for style. Moving quickly through the letters of the alphabet, the book addresses such celebrities as Mae West and Shirley Maclaine while also discussing the style of motherhood, motion pictures, the little black dress and so much more…

Honestly, this book is delightful for anyone with even a fragment of girl style ambition. I love it, and already several girlfriends of mine have threated to steal my copy. (And that’s not very chic or nice, ladies…)

This Christmas, if you have a glamorous gal to shop for, I can not recommend this book enough!

6 thoughts on “More girliness ensues…

  1. I’ll have to check that out!Whenever you are looking cute, you should grab a camera and take a head shot. Then you’ll have a whole collection of cute pics to remind yourself of your cuteness on those days when your moisturizer runs out. :-)

  2. hehe sounds like the new one i got as well it’s all bout vintage shoes!!! yummers!hey! thanks for the note in the mail! i got it today! What a sweet delight getting snail mail!

  3. thanks for the review!! I so want to read this now! It sounds delightful.I’ll be looking forward to pics of that new hair cut… whenever you catch it on a “good day” (trust me, I totally relate….)also, in response to your question: crabmeat is sold at seafood counter of your grocery store, if you’re looking for fresh. The imitation is usually somewhere by there too. And if you don’t have a seafood counter… well, I’m not really sure then! :)

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