WFMW- A review, of sorts…

When this book arrived on my doorstep, via Harper Collins, I practically died and went to Works For Me Wednesday heaven…

Nope, I am totally not kidding!

The subtitle for Show Me How is “500 Things You Should Know. Instructions for Life From The Everyday to the Exotic.” And it is not exaggerating…

I’ve learned how to make a silk screen, a wallet from playing cards, better knitting techniques… I’ve learned exactly how to handle both artichokes and avocados. (Sadly these are tasks in which I was quite ignorant, that is until Harper Collins intervened.)

I learned a totally cool way to peel a hard boiled egg, which works miraculously well… I’ve learned to make my own tortellini, braid a loaf of bread, make amazing cocktails, turn an old computer into an aquarium and signal an airplane… (though likely I won’t want the aquarium and hopefully will never need my new airplane signaling skill. Even so, there is this peace that comes from knowing I can provide homes for fish in need of emergency housing, as well as becoming the most popular cast member of Lost because we would have made it off the island before all of the drama really took off…)

I’ve only told you about 11, but there are literally 489 more…

Aside from the utter helpfulness that this book can provide though, there is the sheer element of fun.

Yes, FUN… This book is a blast to look at. Bound in a semi-hardcover, this book is one of those which easily falls into countless categories, depending on it’s reader. As far as I’m concerned, it’s an awesome coffee table book while also being a popular choice for a gift book. It’s instructions are sometimes intentionally comical, often paving the way for interesting conversation topics…

Over all, I love this book and you should definatly check it out here

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