I’ve been telling everyone, for weeks, that once I got past the 23rd, I could resume my previously scheduled life…

By everyone, I mean everyone

– The postal woman who stacks my mail faithfully, in my broken doored box.

– Friends who’ve grown weary of calling.

– My daily planner, which holds my school schedule, word deadlines and chicken scratches.

– my dogs, who miss walks.

– my laundry- who sadly miss being regularly clean and folded.

– my fridge- the up & Coming science experiment…

I meant it too.

And then yesterday was overwhelmingly chaotic and migraine filled. And today… Oh today. Today was our first day back at home-school co-op and there aren’t words to how un-ok that was… I was, however, so incredibly lucky to spend the afternoon with my very beautiful friend and her amazingly entertaining daughter. That was lovely.

Here’s the really weird thing though-

My dreams…

This week I am dreaming like a pregnant woman on hallucinogenics and I don’t know why. I’ve always been prone to vivid dreams, but these- these take the cake. And the dreams- which leave me waking to deep confusion and odd feelings I can’t seem to shake as random snippets of the fore mentioned dreams lash out at me throughout my day- they began Tuesday night. The night proceeding what was to be my “new attempt at a less chaos filled routine.”

odd right?

Tuesday night’s dreams centered around an ex-boyfriend whom we shall not name. Instead we shall catagorize him via his car. Black Mustang… BIZZARE dream involving loads of bright colors, off-the-wall sounds and really unlikely events accompanied by really unbloggable detail.

Wednesday night’s dreams completely revolved around an ex-boyfriend who shall ALSO not be named, but shall be referred to as his car. Blue Camero… Stranger dreams about him becoming my dependent and me having to care for him. Graphic medically toned conversations occurred about how he was no longer able to have a sex life due to a strange accident which left him senseless. Note: these conversations were overheard- by me- while scrubbing his nursing home kitchen. The person he was talking to? my sympathetic husband… All while we were trying to determine his sponge bath schedule and how I would deliver dinner to him every night.

So strange… Sometimes dreams are dreams. Sometimes dreams are the deeper us, trying to convey a message. All in all, i am sitting back and scratching my head, which questions: What the heck??? So, in an effort to quell my confusion, I will send you over the the DMM where Jen has posted my list. Typically I don’t fawn all over celebrity guys but I was feeling pretty much 15 (apparently) a couple of months ago when I emailed her my list… Not a bad way to end a week, I guess… :)

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12 thoughts on “Boys…

  1. I’m always feeling 15–lol! Anyway, I can totally relate to the old-boyfriend strange dreams. They are so unsettling. Hope your list was just what you needed to calm your nerves. :)

  2. Saw you over at Burgh Baby and thought I’d drop by.OK… I am totally missing out. I haven’t had any strange dreams lately… or any dreams I can even remember for that matter. BORING! Glad to read about yours :).

  3. Hi there. This is Melissa of “Breast Cancer Sucks”. Just thought I’d check out your blog. I am going “pink” as well once October hits. I have added your pink swap link on my blog. Thanks again for asking me to help :)

  4. Well, depending on how you view these two exes, your brain could be telling you messages about caring for your past, or making sure not to repeat it, or, or or…. The short and sweet is that dreams use your internal symbolism (the way you feel about the images portrayed in them) to tell you a message about something. Then again, while I’ve never seen a dream that didn’t mean something, I have seen ones that only mean something really, really silly. *chuckle* Glad you got to spend some time with a friend at co-op. *smile*

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