And spew…

Saturday I am hosting a baby shower for my dear friend Denae. I’ve found that I have a tendency to plan things. A lot. Chw would call it over doing… Here’s the thing though, I’m a gift giver and so I think the two sort of go hand in hand. When your love expression is gifts, than planning a party for someone falls under the same umbrella, doesn’t it?

I have been consistently busy working on a part of her gift, homemade decorations and the party favors.

The shower is also a light brunch, which I’m excited about because the days are cooling and, with fall in the air, I love to be in my kitchen.

However… I have a headache. A bad one. Some would even classify it as a migraine, though I’ve had worse.


I was working on the said gift, this evening, and listening to the Indie band Negative Space. The track is called Honestly, and the chorus basically says “honestly, you can trust me” several times. Little miss crafty, (Aka Genny) pipes up and asks if she can go down stairs in the kitchen. She has both a theft and an honesty issue and so I sort of chuckled and said no. Apparently thinking I am the dumbest person on the planet, in her most sincere of voices she says: “Honestly, you can trust me.”


Did any Twilight peeps catch Stephanie Myers interview on Ellen today? Interesting and yet not, all at once.


I need a shower.


I have so many things going on in my head. Many annoyances that I just can’t blog about. I wish I had an anonymous blog… We should start a program. Guest bloggers anonymously unleashing their issues…

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13 thoughts on “And spew…

  1. Ok. Anonymous blogging is a totally cool idea! Somedays I just need it! Not because I don’t enjoy sharing the ups and downs with my bloggy friends, it is because sometimes the family reads my blog…and I have gripes galore about them somedays! LOL

  2. I hope your migraine is gone now…are you going to post pictures of all your dooings? –I saw part of the interview and was actually rather ashamed of myself of the jealous catty thoughts that went through my head…so I watched Reba instead.

  3. poppins~ well… (headache better, yes- thanks and I will post pictures, AFTER the shower) I wasn’t being catty as much as I was commenting (out loud) about how awkward it is that her author head shot looks like a completely different (smaller) person. And I’m not being snarky about her being plus sized, I’m a bigger girl and I don’t care about that- I think it’s that she is obviously naive enough to think she can use the shot AND make public appearances while the world is too stupid to know the difference.

  4. Oiy! I am SO down with the Anonyblog! Can I be the first to sign up?Sorry about the head ache. Can’t wait to see pic’s of the par-tah!I am so jealous of Stephanie Meyer. Ya know, any one of us could have written that book…I need an editor (Lexie if you say anything about my spelling…) and a publisher!

  5. Hey, I’m sorry you had a headache that evening, but you do throw the very best of parties I have ever been too! I am so grateful for how much time, energy and creativity you put into the shower! Angie said you should throw parties for a living too! Love you dearly!Denae

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