It’s 2 a.m…

Amidst the insanity of life around chez’ wagner, there are flecks of gold.
I was offered a position, today, with an agency I used to press through. I’d applied to have my position transferred from Detroit to Boise, last July. I was horribly sad when a lack of response indicated that the entertainment market here simply wasn’t large enough to comply.

I was even more sad when Gen and I flew in to Boise, only to learn that Matt Damon was here raving about how incredible our city was, while promoting The Bourne Ultimatum. MATT DAMON. An interview dream…
With only a minimal amount of bitterness, I eventually began seeing movies when they came out- with the rest of the general population. My patience took a cue and began to exercise itself into the practice of seeing a movie after it was released instead of months before hand. Celebrities made their way here, and I either met them through different means or not at all.

Anyway- this afternoon I open my email to this glorious note from Denver. Asking me to press for them here in the Treasure Valley. It were as though heaven opened up and rained streams of bliss down on me personally. Then I remembered I’m a homeschool mom now, and facing who knows what sorts of life changes when it comes to helping out with the care of my mother and my husband’s father… So, the beautiful email sits unanswered…

I’ve also been bitten by the inspirational bug. Something about the Twilight series spawned me to write something. Something that’s been festering there for quite some time. I’m only 2224 words in, but I can see so much unfolding in the hours ahead. It’s 2 now, and my tired eyes have grown fuzzy but my mind won’t stop turning.
I’ve been here before, but then again what writer hasn’t?
I love this place. This part of writing. The bright part, where everything glows and amuses. Where my fingers ache to type and my eyes wear out long before my mind even considers it. Where a curl dangled messy bun becomes my biggest fashion effort.
Where glamour means nothing more than somehow managing to run the dishwasher.
I love being a writer.
But only right now.
Not in those months where I pretend to write, but lack the unknown thing I need to whip me in to gear…
i hate being a writer then.
I guess it’s all about the balance.
Oh well… All I know is, I breathe completely when I write, and tonight I write.
{And no, in case your curious, my currently untitled project has nothing to do with vampires, wolves or fantasy… :) I clarify because I’ve already gotten the emails and phonecalls of shock, exclaiming their “disappointment and/or shock” in my reading of the Twilight series at all… So when these same people hear that’s somehow acted as my muse- they are bound to have a bit of a fit… and you know who you are!}

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9 thoughts on “It’s 2 a.m…

  1. Congrats, Misty! You totally needed this gold right now.You know I realized that I’ve never read any of your “professional” stuff. Where can I find it?

  2. Oh yay! You know? I just realized that this is the first thing that I’ve gotten excited about this week but this is so worthy of excitement! I mean, the job prospect sounds fun but we both know that your heart is in writing and my heart is in reading! It was great to talk to you yesterday (and yes to even Miss “animated” Genny) I love you Myst!

  3. Oh the tides of life… they ebb and flow and we never know where it will lead next. Part of the excitement and adventure! So glad you got a glimmer of gold in all of the muck. I am sure the how and when of the situation will make itself clear. Congrats!Can’t wait to hear what has you awake all night, toiling away!

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