August Rush…

August Rush is a good example of the higher end of films we will be seeing quite a lot of, if the Writer’s Strike continues.
It’s the perfect example of some studio dumbing a movie down enough to slap a PG rating on it, when in all actuality it isn’t suitable for children at all.
As we sat there, my sister and I were the perfect example of the two types of film watchers. There are those who get swept up in the emotion and only see the romanticism. Then, there are those who actually think throughout the film and need for things to, at the very least, make some semblance of sense.
I am in the latter crowd.
While my sister was crying and going on and on about what a beautiful movie it was, I left with annoyances and questions.
It isn’t a bad movie. The storyline is glorified a little more than it should be. I can live with that.
For the first 20 minutes, or so, nearly every line said seemed lined. Not only did it feel like it was a script, but the things they said were cliche’ and likely not what people would have spoken, in reality. Thankfully, this changed and it never felt like that again.
The music in this film is incredible. These scenes in which the music is played, are shot and edited remarkably. Over all, despite the heavy layer of cheese which blankets parts of this movie to sugar coat the grittiness of it’s plot line, it is a feel good movie. I had hoped for it to be a little more real. Coming from a group home, and working in several as an adult, I had hoped they would be real about this life. At times they were real, and you saw these homes and shelters for what they were. It gives a good glimpse of life on the street, exploitation and a truly flawed system. It has moments where, even the most cynical of viewers can feel their heart church…
And then cheesy, fairy-tale moments occur and those of us “deep thinkers” are plunged back into the reality that this could have been made a lot better…
August Rush would be great for a DVD rental, or dollar theater choice… Maybe even a Matinee…

12 thoughts on “August Rush…

  1. i have been waiting to see this movie. I think for the sense of sound I might see it in the theatre– but a cheap show might be good- we don’t go to the movies much anyway. Thanks for your review!ck

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Sorry I haven’t come to visit sooner! I’m a combination of both you and your sister. I used to be like your sister…didn’t care about the reality but after having kids it seems like I want more from a film. I’ll still go to the ones with “less” but overall I’m wanting a bit more.Thanks for review. I really want to see this.

  3. The thinking about the movie thing–I have that real bad, much to my poor husband’s annoyance. He will sit through practically anything without raising an eyebrow while I’m all “yeah, right” under my breath the whole time.

  4. I think I fall halfway between the two categories! I think I might have to watch this one…when it comes out on dvd.I want to hear more about your life. You amaze me and I appreciate your friendship…thank you! :)

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