ok… If you liked The Lakehouse, suffice it to say you would love Premonition. Both are erratic, inconsistent and tragically flawed.

The only way either film is redeemable, is if your brain goes entirely numb while watching a movie, and therefore you need nothing to fit together.

If you tend to think/feel/want to follow a movie at all, steer clear of this one! (and use all of that positive energy to hope that Sandra Bullock decides to choose a movie that makes a smidgen of sense.)

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  1. ok. the critics are split, my mom liked it a lot but said it made no sense. this is what crack addicted screenplay authors can do i guess. (snow? again? you poor thing! Come to NC where the weather is warm.)

  2. ok… There are things I like about it too! I found myself really involved and wanting everything to work out. The movie works, if you don’t want it to make sense. I did enjoy it a lot.

  3. There were things I liked about it too… I LOVED the cinematograghy… but there were issues with the plot that I couldn’t quite “get over”. Esp. when the last 10 minutes make the rest of it irrelevant.

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