“So there you have it. My girlfriend became my Arch-Nemesis, My Nemesis became my Best friend and My Best friend became my girlfriend. But, I guess that’s high school…”

I was watching snippets of “Sky High” with Genny, and naturally this wasn’t a film which impressed or convicted me. Even so, this sentence made me smile from somewhere deep with in. That is high school, and sadly it sums of the ridiculous high-school-like clique’s and drama that we trip over in adulthood as well.

Moral of the story: Don’t underestimate a cheesy kids movie, it may have some royal gem hiding between the lines.

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  1. that IS so high school! I laughed because it reminded me of that story you used to tell about the boyfriend, the best friend turned enemy and the youth pastor. I think of that story all of the time! get an email yet?

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