And then it happened…

It was an early morning blur of activity the likes of which I had NOT been prepared for. We’d gotten word, late the night before, that a case worker may be showing up. We were brutally honest about the situation, but she was clear that they weren’t wanting to remove anyone from the family, they just needed to check some things.

It all seemed routine, but one look at the condition of her home and her complete disregard for her offspring, and calls were made. They found a foster home in a matter of minutes. Mom was arrested. Her babies (yes BABIES! We honestly didn’t know) were taken somewhere safe. Because Tom’s son was with us when he wasn’t with his dad, there seemed to be some uncertainty about how to proceed. In the end, late that afternoon they came for him too.

Somehow Tom had gotten word, and he booked it into town. He was already with the caseworker and they were getting ready to leave the neighborhood. Tom tried everything he could to get them to release his boy, but they wouldn’t.

It was devastating.

Tom hung around for a few hours, looking absolutely defeated. After a while, he disappeared. Maybe back to work… Perhaps to a bar somewhere… Maybe to the bed of another lady, looking for some comfort.