oh oh, elenor…

Every morning yours is the first face I see. You are pure love, never able to be close enough but still you try.

Everyone loves you. EVERYONE. In the neighborhood, you’d win popularity contests, and with friends–they simply can’t get enough of your gentle, loving spirit. You, lovely girl, make the entire world so much better. (not just mine–ours…)

When you hear a song you love and you hop up on your back legs, asking for a dance, I melt. During naptime when you need to be laying on top of my bunny slippers, or the very sweet way you’ve always been with the cat. Be still my heart, you are such a sweet soul.

Today you’re turning five… Five is still such a baby, in person-years, but in dog years you’re finally a true Golden Girl. I don’t want to look at you, as you sit pleading for a piece of my chicken or a handful of blueberries, and think about how much I’ll miss you one day… even so, sometimes I do. Loss has played such a huge role in this journey I’ve walked, I can’t help it. But you know this, you know this and you’ve loved me through it more beautifully than any human could deserve.

I want to love you forever.

Happy birthday, beautiful Elenor. Soft, tender, with those bright brown eyes always radiating so much love… I promise to never be stingy with my chicken, or with peanut butter because one day I’ll regret the “no”s I said. God knows you’ve given far more than I could begin to calculate…