It’s that time again… time to reflect on the key moments of the month while showing a photo of prints that won’t likely mean much to anyone but me. This blogging journey is so weird, isn’t it?

May has been the soggiest month we’ve had since moving to Western PA. Irony that these were rainy days in May isn’t lost on me. And listen, even I was rolling my eyes come the end of May because I get it… it was a good joke, but also… That being said, our last weekend couldn’t have been more perfect/beatiful!

  • This month I set a business goal for myself that seemed bigger than anything I’d set for a one-month period before. I did this to be bold, I did it to be brave and act in intentional self-support, but also I did not believe I was capable of making it. I didn’t make it. (I was SO CLOSE!) What I realized though, was that I could. I could make it. I pushed myself and tested myself in ways that surprised myself and what I learned from the experience was invaluable.
  • I learned that while I’ve always felt like our backyard looked like the sort of place fairies might live, all it takes is one other person saying those words out loud for me to begin turning our space into a fairy world. My poor, patient husband.
  • I learned how quickly things can change. I was reminded of how fast some things can fall apart, and how though love is immeasurable and infinite, it isn’t always enough.
  • It occurred to me this month how the same smell deliciously coming from a simmering pot on the stove can be repulsive coming from a garbage can. It’s weird, right? Like it’s the SAME SMELL, and yet in one context it can make our stomach growl with hunger, and in the other context can cause us to turn green. Life is crazy!
  • I found out that all it takes is to see a batch of intricately decorated sugar cookies for me to turn my weekend plans upside down and take a deep dive into a nostalgic movie marathon. (I’m so fun!)
  • This month I came face to face with the fact that I’m a creature of habit. I will keep using the same frustrating process to do something because that’s what I know, even when made aware of simpler, potentially better processes out there. Ugh! God help me.
  • This month I kicked off a book club, and I’m super excited!
  • This month I attended a local community theater production that a friend was in, and realized not everything ages well. The play was likely more offensive today than it would have been when it was written, and while I don’t fault the local theater for doing it, I’m grateful for the awareness I had over some progress our society has made.
  • I had a unique opportunity to become a part of a fun community that empowers creative artists in intentional ways. This is making me more aware of how I support others.
  • On that note, I also learned there is an entire business model operating on the exploitation of independent authors and it is so incredibly nauseating.
  • All of these things together (oddly enough, even the trash smell) showed me to follow through, stay on course, challenge myself in new ways, ignore limits, and keep moving forward… No regrets.

I hope your May lessons were ones that reminded you how truly capable and worthy you are!