the terrible twos…

How is it that this silly little cat, with the silkiest fur I could snuggle all day (if she would allow it, which she won’t!) is two?


So many people quip that a writer needs a cat, and even two years in I’ll be honest– I don’t get it. While I love our little rescue Darcy… our own little ginger Orphan Annie… I’m still not really #teamcat. When she’s sweet, she’s sweet. BUT, she is also incredibly naughty, mostly UN-snuggly, and absolutely no help when I’m trying to write or work and she’s in the same room.

Even so, she’s made our lives quite special and we adore her. Especially our Golden Retriever Elenor. They are the very best of friends!

Happy birthday to our little Darcy.

Happy Two-year Cativersary for us. As annoying as she is–may she live to be one hundred!