In the fall…

As an eternal student of this thing called life, I have been reflecting on what I’ve learned within the months and seasons, of this year. While I look forward to the day when I can record all of the beautiful life skills I’ve learned- this, dear friend, is not that time…

Instead, here’s what I’ve learned this fall-

  • Humanity shows itself, in both good and bad ways, at the most non-ideal of times. During the election, whichever “side” you were on, it was clear to see terrible behavior coming out. The stress has been increasingly higher, and the intensity of such a heated political moment did not do us any favors.
  • On that note- politicizing LIFE and humanity issues is something I’ve learned I do not tolerate.
  • The 2020 “time out” intentional holidays continue to be special. Though this year has been one of revelation regarding true accounts of history, (hard-hitting our misconceptions of Thanksgiving, deservedly) I’ve valued the opportunity to reframe my thoughts and priorities…
  • Crazy risks usually pay off. It may wind up looking nothing like you’d thought, but there is almost always a pay off.
  • Trying something new, while upholding beloved traditions is ok.
  • Anytime someone posts on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook calling for people to share their “handles” for a follow/support/connection/____________, the majority of people who post will be the “collectors”. (you know… The ones who have a huge volume of followers while following hardly anyone.) Listen, it’s so validating to grow our platforms, but you DO NOT have to do it like the ego-maniacs of social media. CONNECTION is always the right answer.
  • It is ok to say “no” and draw a line, even when it feels like everything fits and something should be “right” right now…
  • There will always be unexpected reminders of things you’ve lost and heartbreaks you’ve had. We can’t hurt-proof our lives. It’s ok. Give the reminder love, say a prayer for them (if it’s a person) and then let go again… Sometimes you might have to let go a billion times. It’s ok. Remember: the things in life that are meant for you- the people in this life who truly love you- they’re still here.
  • Supermarket pie will probably always be the wrong choice.
  • Sometimes you just need to throw down a nacho bar and have close friends (who are healthy and safe, of course) over for an impromptu Nacho-Movie night.

BONUS: I have experienced, first hand, the beauty of a supportive writing community! I love my writing squad and learn from them DAILY!

Extra bonus: in case you missed it, I condensed strategies from my client work into a holiday reframing/coping/survival book course! You can get it here!