The Grizzlies…

And the awesomeness continues!

I’m giving away another pair of tickets! Plus, I get to tell you about a film that is garnering amazing attention!

THE GRIZZLIES (Trailer here)

THE GRIZZLIES (website) is an inspiring, true story based on a group of Inuit students in a small Canadian town who are struggling to find their way. With nothing to do in their extremely tight knit community, many of them turn to alcohol and drug abuse to ignore their problems. Arriving on a one-year teaching contract, Russ Sheppard unwittingly steps in and the whole town experiences a major shift. While at first they don’t trust this newcomer, the students and elders of Kugluktuk grow to lean on Sheppard and allow him to change their lives forever.

The film has already been released in Canada and stood at #1 for five weeks at the box office upon its release. It is entertaining, inspiring, and shares a glimpse of what many families and communities are dealing with today – mental health issues. Audiences and critics alike have been loving the true story of THE GRIZZLIES for its ability to tackle very serious subject matters with heartwarming overtones, and the film currently boasts a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. (seriously, this Rotten Tomatoes score speaks volumes. As a former critic, and an AVID RT watcher, this is amazing!)

To enter:

  • leave a comment, telling me ONE person, you know, who had a large impact.
  • Share, share, share… :)
  • Giveaway winner will be chosen, at random, on 3/18

“Unfortunately due to the current recommendations around the Covid-19 virus, Elevation Pictures has decided to postpone The Grizzlies from opening in theaters this weekend.   We look forward to bringing the film to theaters and audiences at a later date.”

One thought on “The Grizzlies…

  1. Nothing to do, nowhere to go
    that offered challenge for my soul,
    so I thought, well, why not blow
    God’s mighty treasure on a roll
    of the dice by leaping out
    from a mighty seaside cliff,
    but suddenly there came a shout,
    “Boy, what thoughts ight you have if
    I offered you a chance to prove
    yourself to all the smirking world
    and gave you something that would move
    you to a place leading toward
    the knowledge that you’ll never die?”
    And then he taught me how to fly.

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