It is what it is, and I am where I am…


  • pack, pack, pack.
  • unpack it all, somewhere new, with less temporary attached to it.
  • clean, clean, clean.
  • paint and make a home.
  • keeping iced tea, infused water and cold brew coffee on hand to make it through the move.
  • eat sensibly, and think ahead, not resorting to convenience food.


  • maintain a routine of self-care despite the craziness of busy, change and relocation.
  • sit by the pool, soak up fresh air and read.
  • continue minimizing and striving to surround myself with only things which are loved or useful.
  • Intentional connection with valued relationships, both new and old friends; close and distant.
  • Capture moments that matter.
  • Continue to seek things to write about, and then write them.
  • Take a moment to mail out a few hand written notes and cards.
  • Remember to defuse oils, something I forget when I am busy, and later regret.


  • attempt to connect through the chaos.
  • be mindful that we are a team, a partnership, and are in this together.
  • Utilize the stolen and alone times intentionally, peacefully and honestly.
  • remember to appreciate my husband and build him up, he is an amazing man.


  • celebrate my mama’s 70th birthday.
  • celebrate my daughter’s 27th birthday.
  • honor my husband and the amazing father he is. Fatherhood hasn’t worked out the way he dreamed, on the onset and though he doesn’t hold my infertility against me, I will always struggle with that.
  • Celebrate Gen’s graduation and her at her open house.
  • Family meals, games, laughter, conversation and all of the good things that make us a family.


  • Continue my path with Theophosic Prayer.
  • the continued journey of minimizing. It is freeing for the spirit.
  • Meditation and yoga.
  • Water. Peace, in the water, and just being…
  • Remember to be grateful for everything. For the boxes and hands with which to pack, for the daughter who is healthy and alive, even when she is only giving me hatred, for the legs and arms (and brain) that works, even when Fibromyalgia tries to thwart me.



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