It was an odd day…

I was walking with a friend when I happened upon a flyer advertising a Halloween town display. Apparently Jack Skellington would be there, and it would transition, as you walked through, from H-town to Christmas town. I LOVE Nightmare Before Christmas and thought this was AMAZING. Tim Burton had apparently designed the set and I was so excited. Tickets to walk through would be $75.


As I was talking with my friend, Nev Schulman approached us and told me about how he was managing the inner city Target through Christmas and that employees of that Target could get tickets for $10. He asked me if I’d like a job there. What?! A job at Target, cheaper tickets, AND Nev would be my boss? (I mean, who doesn’t love Target?! And Nev! Could I meet Max? This was turning out to be the best day ever!)

This is how I became a seasonal Target employee.

The Target was odd. It was in an old, renovated home. The home was two stories and Target’s home decor items and furniture were all displayed in the way that kitzy little shops-in-old-houses display things, which was fun. I felt it was a little confusing though, because, what if I needed toilet paper? Where was that? Or peanut butter? Tampons? I was puzzled.

As it turned out, I was not cut out for the Target life. I messed up, day one. The incident was something random that I am still confused by, so I won’t get into it… Not the point, anyway, Nev had to let me go. Fun fact! Apparently seasonal employees have “send off’s” when they are let go. You are given a Christmas onesie to put on, and you have to walk around the house/store so that employees can stick candy in your onesie. I still got my cheap tickets though, so it was worth it.

And on a side note- what the heck was happening in my psyche to have a dream like this???

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