The Rambling about the Conjuring, installment 5…

I am LOVING all of the entries for my Conjuring giveaway! In just a few short hours I will randomize a winner and let you know, via email. These prize packages are pretty cool, so I’m really excited!

I have to say, I have really been loving the dialogue, comments and emails surrounding this film release! It’s pretty exciting stuff… There are lots of mixed opinions about horror movies and I’ve got to say that as long as we form our own opinions and do what is right for us, it’s great that there is such diversity!

For you horror fans, have you read the story that inspired this latest Warren installment? It’s pretty interesting, actually… It reminds me a bit of a book I read a few months called A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. Great book, if you like potentially scary things, (though it’s not very scary.) Anyway, the original story kept bringing to mind that book, which is complete fiction by the way…

I just boxed up these two packages, getting them ready to address this evening. I am alone, in a big house, this afternoon and was thinking how lovely it would be to go to coffee or tea and have a conversation about this movie, that book, or any other book/movie/topic… Hence the rambling. :) (you’re welcome!)


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