the Eleventh…

After years of film critiquing, my friends know me as a bit of a film snob. I’m ok with that, I wear it proudly… That being said, the one exception I have is Hallmark movies… I love them! At Christmas, Valentines Day, Flag day- (totally kidding! I don’t think there are flag day movies, but if there are, I’d bet Hallmark is responsible…) they are my go-to, feel good heart warmers.

It is for this very reason that I’ve been salivating over the FeelN channel. It is like the wonderment of all the heart warming things, all at once. Imagine my complete excitement when I learned they were launching their very own series entitled The Eleventh.

This series starts TODAY, but I had the honor of screening the first couple episodes and all I can say is YES. If you’re with me, regarding the feels, this show is for you. Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Eleventh follows a college bound Janey as she is coping with her Mother’s death. The mother left Janey with the responsibility of reconnecting with her estranged maternal grandmother (Cloris Leachman!!!!). It is moving, but not too syrupy or heavy- in just that perfect way that good heartwarming things are. Click here for the trailer…

What do you think??? I can honestly say I was hooked and wanted to binge watch it right then and there… A little mystery, heartwarming goodness and the trifecta of heart warming stars from our childhood: Florence Henderson, Ed Asner & Cloris Leachman make for a delightfully divine combination!

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