The 33… {a giveaway}


Have you seen a trailer for the movie The 33?

I remember sitting by watching, tense and prayerful, as this story unfolded all over the media. It was the first time, within my lifetime, that I realized what power people had to get things noticed and make things happen. Throughout the whole of my life I’ve collected stories that are true mysteries and real-life miracles. This one is the latter for sure.

It looks extraordinary. The sort of extraordinary that sends chills up and down my spine and reminds of how great people can be when we pull together…



33-DK-03821I can’t encourage you enough to go see this film. We need to do more things that spotlight amazing stories.

With The 33 opening tomorrow, I thought I’d do a little giveaway. I have a t-shirt and a mini-flashlight for the lucky winner. I’ll also throw in a little something special too. :)

To enter, leave a comment about the trailer, film or actual story.

For a second entry, tweet the giveaway and leave a SECOND comment pasting the hyperlink.

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