Maybe my eyes/ears are just a little more open, I’m finding myself a little more engaged and present or people are just really surprising me… Whichever the reason, I thought I’d share a little list of things I’ve witnessed or overheard, lately…

– We were stepping on the elevator, at the Hotel Blake in Chicago. Because he’s a nice guy, my husband said “Good evening” to two other ladies getting on as well. Their actual response was “Oh hey! Isn’t this hotel great because they have really great wifi!” (both were peering into their phones.) My husband, who travels for business often and gets some pretty crappy wifi replied “they do! It’s so nice compared to some slower-than-dial-up internet hotels have.” To which one lady just looks at him funny and the other says “yes, well, I don’t know what we would have done if they wouldn’t have had good internet!” The other girl laughed and said “Oh girl, could you imagine?” And they were back in their phones as we descended to the lobby. {note- this is a lovely hotel. it is in the heart of Printer’s Row, just a couple of blocks from Magnificent Mile. There are restaurants, shops, and things to do all around this hotel for blocks and blocks and blocks. This whole exchange left me very confused.}

– Earlier in the week our daughter Amanda had driven down to see us, and she brought her soon-to-be step-sons. We spent the afternoon at the hotel pool, which was nice. Towards the end of our time there, a man came in with his two kids. (probably around 8 & 10.) The dad and daughter go sit in the hot tub and the boy starts playing with my daughter’s oldest A (also 8). Then, the boy gets out and jumps in. A, very nicely gives this kid the heads up that there’s a big sign on the wall that says “NO JUMPING into pool.” When the kids dad happens to walk over (Cocky fellow) the kid says “dad, does it say I can’t jump?” And the dad says some inaudible response. My daughter pipes up, super nice and says “Actually, on that sign right there it says ‘No Jumping.'” To which the guy gives her a total jerk look, walks over, gets both boys attention and then proceeds to jump in the pool. {note- we all know this kind of guy. It oozed from him. If my husband hadn’t been working, this guy would have acted 100% different. Jerk.}

– On our voyage to The Container Store, while we were over in Chicagoland, a high school girl was texting while driving and ran off the road and plowed into a high-end car dealership. {note- how is this STILL happening?}

– Sitting at my doctor’s office, in the waiting room, I overheard this conversation (one sided) with one of the office girls who was on the phone:

well, we don’t accept Medicaid so you’ll have to find another physician’s office. 

Right, I understand you want to schedule an appointment, but we don’t take Medicaid and you don’t have insurance. 

Without insurance, you would need to pay cash and that would cost $278 for the visit and tests, which would have to be paid up front. I can help you find a doctor who accepts Medicaid. 

Miss, we don’t take Medicaid, I can’t schedule an appointment for you. You would have to pay cash. 

You are going to pay cash? $278. And you would need a credit card on file to cover anything else. How’s august 7th? 

{note- I’m not judging anyone who needs assistance, but if you need Medicaid, and you have it there to help you, A.) how can you afford to pay cash for a doctor, and B.) why would you?}

– We have been looking at houses, online. We are very casually toying with the idea of moving closer to Chw’s work. Some of the online home listings though, are ridiculous. Like close up photos of a candle centerpiece, from three different perspectives. And there you have 3 of the 9 house photos shown. (and 3 were of the view down the street, away from the house.) {note- certainly doesn’t make us want to rush out to see the house.}

– People literally run out, in CRAZY Chicago city traffic, to hail cabs from the middle of the street. {Note- FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.}

– While Chicago traffic was insane, a big 15 passenger van drove up on the sidewalk to pass the traffic. No care for pedestrians, or the like. {note- !!!!!!}

Have you witnessed or heard anything astounding lately?

2 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. I lived in downtown Chicago for a while where I saw and heard some very interesting (and generally bothersome) things. But I must say I do miss the city every once in a while…

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