The scales of just…

I’m headed somewhere really wonderful. (for me and the members of my family it’s pretty wonderful anyway… For you, it might not hold any sort of magic. That’s ok.) In the interim however, while we wait to go to Wonderful, we’re sort of stuck in somewhere a little less so.

By a little less so, I mean that for us it pretty much sucks significantly hugely. For someone else, it could be their Wonderful.

Now that we got that out-of-the-way, life for Gen and I is pretty much a series of images from our hotel room. It’s one of those realities that seemed dreamy and wonderful, in abstract thoughts and day dreams, but in reality is not. Allow me to share what our week days, thus far, have looked like…

– We bought the electronic banking version of Monopoly and played that.

– We’ve watched wedding shows on TLC, (her thing, not mine).

– We’ve watched Wife Swap.

– We’ve swam, but they have the STRONGEST amount of Chlorine, EVER.

– we’ve read our kindles.

– We have had deep talks, silly talks, stupid talks, bickering talks…

– She has done homework.

– I have looked at a magazine.

– I have tried to write.

– Our mini fridge has frozen EVERY SINGLE THING we have bought to have for lunch, since we are trapped at this hotel all day, in the middle of nowhere. (let me tell you, a frozen turkey sandwich is enough to make me NEVER eat another sandwich, and the frozen salad may have permanently killed the enamel on my teeth.)

– our microwave does not actually heat anything.

– our internet does not stay connected.

– the elevator keeps threatening to break with us in it…

– We have 12 cable channels, and most of them have crime shows on. ALL. DAY. LONG.

– the hotel has some sort of construction/remodel happening so there is equipment and HIGH levels of noise happening all day long. There is no escaping it.

– I have not had a vegetable in 5 days.

I totally realize there are real problems happening and none of these are. I am absolutely aware of that. I’m not so shallow to think this is the height of all issues, but it’s been a bit of an inconvenient (and eternally long) week. It’s not all bad though… like they have really amazing blueberry muffins, and possibly the nicest/most helpful hotel staff ever.

And let’s face it, comfort food and personal kindness make up for a whole lot of annoying inconveniences…

I’m tempted to say “Just a few more days until Wonderful”, but the truth is, it won’t be all that either. It will be pretty Wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but I’m sure there will be disappointing moments, and tensions, and sadness and goodbyes too. {which suck way worse than any of these silly frustrations here in Less Than} The best thing I can do for myself is simply to be present, all present and invested in the griefs and the joys of every moment and appreciate when life seems to strike a balance.

5 thoughts on “The scales of just…

  1. I can’t imagine this being any American’s “wonderful” for days and days. And, it’s only Thursday. The beginning of Thursday…

  2. I hope your wonderful gets here soon!
    No veggies for 5 days? That is not wonderful at all….oh, your colon is going to be so mad at you. :)
    {I’m a colon focused person. HA}

  3. i love hotels SO MUCH for the first afternoon. then that night i start thinking about how much i love my own place. then the next day i’m so sick of looking at the pastel-y pastoral nightmare of a picture above the tv that i just about go bonkers…. here’s to your wonderful, my friend!

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